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The following is a list of dolls that need to come out of the boxes, or at least opened and adjusted, to prevent damage. Where available, the 'problem' is mentioned so that you have an idea of what to look for when deboxing these poor darlings.

BUSY GAL - sunglasses are banded to Barbie'sŪ wrist and can dent her arm

WEDDING DAY REPRO (yellow hair and red hair) - train folded

ENCHANTED EVENING - dress folded under the box, and tape on the back of her neck

FASHION LUNCHEON REPRO - The pink jacket will be terribly dented in where the "waist-line" tie is

SILKEN FLAME REPRO -- plastic hat shaper wrecks the it's attatched w/double sided tape



PORCELAIN WEDDING DAY - dress/train folded

HOLIDAY CAROLOER -- the mittens are secured to her sweatshirt with those clothing tabs which makes a noticable hole after a while

GAP BARBIE -Barbie'sŪ shoes are banded to her feet and can dent them

DOIR II - shoes are banded to Barbie'sŪ feet and can cause dents

CALVIN KLEIN - bands around feet


BILL BLASS - train folded

DKNY - beret leaves dents in Barbie'sŪ forehead

NICOLE MILLER - bands holding shoes on cut into her ankles

ANNE KLEIN - rubber bands on shoes damage both the shoes and the ankles

OSHAGATSU I -There is double-sided sticky tape on the inside of the top part of Barbie'sŪ kimono, attaching it to the white blouse underneath.


AFTER THE WALK -- the glass and fan are banded to her hands, her legs are packaged in an awkward position that will cause them to bend out of shape and her hat is secured with clothing tabs

PORTRAIT IN TAFFATA - dress folded

AUTUMN GLORY - dress folded

SERENADE IN SATIN - train of coat folded

GRAND PREMIER (CLUB DOLL) - train folded

ROMANTIC INTERLUDE (white and african american)-dress folded

BOB MACKIE'S EMPRESS BRIDE - The bottom of her gown is so big and wide that the box compresses it and misshapes it into an ugly mess

PINK SPLENDOR - dress folded

KAYBEE TOY'S WINTER DREAMS CINDERELLA - tape on her back (very sticky, especially for a new doll) and dress folded

TRU WEDDING SLEEPING BEAUTY - dress folded and band around neck/shoulders to keep necklace in place (left "cuts" in arm)

BILLY BOY'S LE NOVEAU THEATER DE LA MODE - sticky tape that when decomposing will stain the black silk dress and leave dark patches

GOLDEN DREAM CHRISTIE - sticky tape on back leaves mark on copper colored lame' bodysuit

AVON'S WINTER RHAPSODY - tape on bottom of dress and fold at bottom of dress

GREAT ERAS SOUTHERN BELLE - blue skirt has tape which can leave a mark if not removed.

SILVER SCREEN - Lingerie is taped in various places to hold it onto the box for display

MARILYN IN RED AND MARILYN IN WHITE (Probably Marilyn in pink as well) - bands around the ankles leave dents

'97 HOLIDAY BARBIEŪ - has sticky tape attaching the necklace to the back of her neck

MOONLIGHT WALTZ - The turban/head band is turning the doll's face fuschia.

THE NEW RAPUNZLE (in pink) -- The Crown will dent her forehead

CLUELESS DOLLS -- bands leave marks on the feet

PET DOCTOR BARBIE -- the leggings leave black spots on her legs

WATER LILY -- tape down her neck and back, also has double sided sticky tape over her right breast holding her dress in place

BMR PERFECTLY SUITED -- bands around her feet