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Tammy and Family

Tammy was introduced in 1962 by the Ideal Toy corporation. She had a family, which consisted of her sister Pepper, parents Tammy's Mom and Tammy's Dad, brother Ted, and little brother Pos'n Pete. She and her family also had friends which included Pepper's friend Salty, Tammy's boyfriend Bud (if anyone has one for sale please please let Janet know), and her girlfriend Misty. And Pepper had friends Patti and Dodi. These were the eleven different members of the Tammy line. The members came in different versions, and the family had lots of clothes, a house, a boat, a car and many other items. There were also all kinds of vinyl items, books, paper dolls,  patterns, games, and other items available. Tammy enjoyed success in many different countries including Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, and England. There is still more and more Tammy information surfacing as interest in her increases. For more detailed information the book "Collector's Guide to Tammy" by Cindy Sabulis and Susan Weglewski is a great source
Information by Janet L.
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