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Written by Liz Lee
Sindy was introduced in September 1963 with a huge marketing campaign - and EVERY little girl - myself included - wanted her. She was actually modeled very much on Tammy, even her slogan "Sindy - the doll you love to dress" was copied, with permission. Recently I heard that both Sindy and Tammy were Sindybased on an earlier, hard plastic doll (whose name escapes me at present!) Sindy had a huge wardrobe and range of accessories, of a very high quality - she was portrayed more of a nice, successful girl- next- door type, rather than a "teenage model". Like Barbie, Sindy's fashions followed real-life trends very closely. Also like Barbie, Sindy was soon joined by a boyfriend, Paul and a little sister Patch. In the mid sixties she had a succession of friends, some of which are VHTF today. Sindy was originally manufactured by Pedigree toys, which produced her until 1987 when the Sindy name was bought by Hasbro and Sindy underwent a dramatic make-over! In the late 80's Mattel accused Hasbro of copying their successful Barbie and a court case was narrowly avoided. Sindy continued to be a big seller in England, one of the most lucrative toy markets in the world, but by the mid 90's Hasbro had appeared to lose interest in Sindy and stopped marketing her in 1997, although dolls were still produced. By this time the quality had declined dramatically, even clothes were being painted on! I am not sure about what is happening at the moment, most collectors here assume Sindy is finished. Most of us grew up with Sindy and even those of us who where not her greatest fans (myself included) are sorry to see her go , and see Barbie with no rivals. Also Sindy was British, and we like to have our own doll! Most serious Sindy collectors consider the true Sindy to be only the Pedigree doll, which ceased production in 1987 - and in fact most seem to think that the last face mold under Pedigree was not a real Sindy either!
<Liz also added, that there will be a NEW Sindy arriving on the shelves late this summer.. and she will bring along a boyfriend named Robbie!>

There is a Sindy Club, for more information contact Liz

About Liz: Liz is a collector who lives in England. She's not a member of the Deboxer Rebellion Club (she could be if she wanted to be), but she was kind enough to agree to contribute her knowledge on Sindy.   She did this informationfor the original Deboxers site, and it has been transferred over here with her permission and new information has been added!   We are VERY grateful for her expertise!. Thanks a lot Liz! - Kelley