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Augie's Swap Doll:
Made for Kelley, June 99

Danas Swap Dollie:
Made for Janet!

Kelleys Swap Dollie:
Made for Hunca, midswap spring

Huncas Swap Dollie:
Made for Kelley, mid swap, spring

Suzys Swap Dollie:
Made for Heidi, Vday swap

Heidis Swap Dollie:
Made for Suzy, Vday swap

Amy B's designer dollies:

Dana's Easter Delights!:

Paula and Leslies Swap Doll:
Made for Annette for Easter

Amis Christmas Doll:
made for Hunca

Huncas Titanic Flora

Augies Swap Doll
Made for Paula

Danas Swap Doll
Made for Augie Valentines 2000

Leslies Swap Doll "Waiting at Midnight"
Made for Suzy: Halloween

Suzys Swap Doll "Blue Moon"
Made for Leslie: Halloween