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Sabrina S

Name: Sabrina Spruitenburg *that's Sprite-n-burg*

B-day: June 23rd

Home Page: Doll Liberations by Lady Bast (


I am lucky enough to be able to blame my doll collecting on my adorable

husband, Rik. I was fascinated by the Shani doll line and their

achievement of multiculturalism, but it never occured to me that I could

buy them for myself. Rik, the devoted comic and action figure collector,

gave the "World of Beauty" line to me for Christmas. I now qualify as a

total fashion doll fanatic, and between the two of us, our apartment is

decorated in "Neo Toyroom." I am a medical researcher focusing on

reproduction at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center in

Beaverton, and in my spare time I put together a little website called

Doll Liberations by Lady Bast.