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The Men of theTonner Doll Company!



Please allow me to introduce you to Mr. David A. Brunk, Prez of the Tonner Doll Company, and all-around nice guy. Also acts as a keen verbal sparring partner 
for Mr. Tonner, but I think they like each other ok, really! <G> 
David has promised that he would adopt me as his sister.  I do hope his family 
doesn't mind.




Robert Tonner with David, doll people extraordinaire. Robert's the dark designer type, and David is the fair-haired geek, er, brainy business type.  I was actually in the middle between these two (oh, be still my heart!), but my image was too frightening to small children and pets, so I cropped myself out. I think you can see part of my arm. Here's hoping you can survive that much.




Robert in deep concentration with a collector (I'm assuming). He does indeed pay very close attention to every word his customers and collectors and avid admirers say to him. I do believe we are actually important to this man, and it shows in his art, his products, and his ever-gracious way with his public. But, watch out for that wicked wit! He can zing 'em in with the best of 'em. <BG>

The beautiful doll standing on the table next to Robert was his EventSpecial. Isn't she a stunner?!