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Linda S

Hi! This won't take long because there's not a lot to tell.

I was born in Norfolk, Virginia and have it on good authority I was a

demanding, noisy and extremely wet child. (Well, I liked the attention,

I guess!)

I moved away from Virginia in 1969 and moved to Los Angeles, California

with a good friend. (Hello, Hollywood, Hello!) Two completely

inexperienced young girls loose in LA - WOW! Did we have a good time or

what??! You betcha!

But I digress. I am now living in South Carolina, having moved here to

be near the remaining members of my family.

About three years ago, I rediscovered Barbie dolls and began with two.

Believe me, the amount has grown steadily, as has the type of doll


I'm a redheaded, freckled Libra with a

Scotch-Irish/German/French/English and who knows what else background!

Things I hate: Lies, fear, prejudice and people WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO


Things I love: Dolls, animals, dolls, jewelry, dolls, movies, dolls,

well, you get the idea!!

Motto: I believe in the probability of absolutely nothing; and the

possibility of absolutely everything!!!

And now I leave you with just one thought: Where can I find a second

job to pay for all these dolls???

- Linda Smith