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I have always been a deboxer even before I found out I wasn't supposed to be.
I have been collecting Barbies for about a year and a half.
I am 53 years old and on disability due to heart condition.
I live in Daytona Beach, Fl with my hubby Bill and Ruby Tuesday the Aristocat..
I have 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren and my mother and they all live within 2 miles of me.

I was a bartender for 17 years and then I opened my own business, "Razzmatazz Ceramics".
After 5 years I retired because of poor health.
My cousin in California and I are trying to get a Customized Doll Business going "Cousins Creations".
Be watching for the opening of our web page.........

I also collect Gone With The Wind figurines. I enjoy reading novels, thriller, mystery, etc.

My Barbie Collection is pretty small, My favorite dolls came from Rebecca and Cousin Paula. I love the deboxers and the friends I've made here. Friends being the keyword.That's about it.