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Kelley M

Hello!... I am the mother of 3, ages: 2, 4, and 6.... two boys and a girl.. I am a stay at home mom, who used to be an elementary teacher, and probably will be again.. once my youngest starts to school fulltime.. Until then I am dabbling in dollies, and dreaming of designing webpages to support my hobby.

I live in Minnesota, land of bugs and such.. deep winter snow, sometimes, and cooler summers, that I love greatly!

I have been collecting since 1991, with the famous Barbie, since then, I have branched out into vintage Barbie, Gene, Ginny, Jenny, Betsy McCall, Tammy and Pepper, Beanies, Precious Moments Sugar Town, and who knows what else that I cannot remember.

In my *spare* time, I like to read, rollerblade, ride horse, play outside with the kids, surf the web, and bake.. but like I ever really find time to do that!  lol

My DH, is very supportive of my hobby, and just rolls his eyes when the boxes come in.. I am currently weeding out LOTS and LOTS of dollies from my collection, so stop by my site and find someone to adopt!

Here are some things that I have put up to share with you!  Enjoy!