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My name is Katarina, I was born Nov 2 1964
in the middle of Sweden, a
town called Falun which is
in the heart of our beautiful country - the
 - county of Dalarna.

Iīm a mother of three, two girls and a boy and Iīve been collecting
dolls since 1994, the year after my sonīs birth and about the time the
girls were to get there first dolls. I sew clothes for Barbie and had my
own childhood dolls as models and kept them.
Couldnīt bare to give them
to the kids ;-)

My collection have grown steadily since and I have, what? 300 dolls or
so now. Havenīt counted them for a long time - stopped just after
120 I think... LOL!!

I love AA dolls and little Kelly or Shelly as she is called here and her
Liīl Friends. I also like exotic dolls from other parts of the world and
have a few from Japan and India and the Singapore Girl.

I collect NRFB and debox, all in a mix
depending on the doll and what I
have in mind for her (or him).