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Hunca P:


My b-day is Sept. 2nd (yes, the dreaded Virgo),

I have one husband (Doug) and two cats from hell (Abbie & Sophie), and no kids.

My husband is the Revenue Supervisor for the City of Pomona, and I give you that information

because I have nothing to say that I do that's interesting. I am a stay at

home housewife, tho my housekeeping is not my best talent, and I am

currently involved in selling off lots of our stuffs in preparation for a

move next spring.

Huncas Takara Dollies 1 and 2

Huncas Takara Dollies 3 and 4

Huncas Takara Dollies 5 and 6

Cocktail Shaker Set

New Coke Madame Alexander

Elise with Violin


MA Bride Doll

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