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As a doll collector, Gene creator Mel Odom couldn't find many new dolls that he was interested in buying, so he set out to create a doll of his own. Fascinated with the glamour, romance and classiness of the fashions and the movie starlets of early Hollywood, starlets such as Gene Tierney, Veronica Lake, Joan Crawford, Rita Haywood, Hedy Lamarr and Ann Sothern, he knew that he wanted his doll to be reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s Legendary Grand dames of the Silver Screen. Mel decided that a 15 1/2-inch doll would be best. The perfect size for collecting and dressing. This size doll would be small enough for a person with limited space to collect, but large enough to have "people" designers design human clothes in doll scale for Gene. Distributed by Ashton-Drake, Gene was introduced into the doll world in February of 1995 as three separate dolls: Premiere (Blonde), Red Venus (Red Head), and Monaco (Brunette). These dolls are made of a porcelain-like vinyl they have rooted hair and real lashes, and each doll is individually numbered with certificate.
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Gene -- Red Venus