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Who "was" that gorgeous gal?


Almost all of us know who Barbie is, that plastic fashion doll goddess that has become a household word. But what about the other Fashion Dolls you find on the shelves of your local doll store, and while surfing around on ebay?

Do you know who Jenny is? How about Candi, Tammy, Gene,  or Dawn?    What about Tyler and Chrissy?  Well, if you need more information about these dolls, you've come to the right spot.   With this series of pages, we, the Deboxer Rebellion, hope to aid you in your search for knowledge. The links below will lead you to a brief background on each doll, at least one picture (if available), and links (again, if available) where you can get more information and more pictures.  

Hopefully these pages will be a good starting point for you to gain more information about the other fashion dolls we love and collect!


Candi Gene Sindy Barbie
Chrissy Jem Tammy  
Dawn Jenny Tressy  
Darci Julia Tyler