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Club Members who attended the Expo West Tonner Tea were given this

wonderful Jane outfit called "Jane's Winter Coat". If I got my info correct

re: this outfit, it is to be done later in white and will be available to

all Club Members, but was done just for this Event in pink. Robert walked

the room, signing boxes along the way, which brought to mind a dilemma: how

can I take it out, now that it's SIGNED, to play with it?! Being the

Deboxer Queen, this question should never have crossed my mind *or* my

lips, but I was overcome by Jane wantlust and didn't know what I was

saying. I might have even made the remark that I would hang the outfit on

the wall, for which I received a rather odd look from Robert, LOL! You'd

think I'd be used to those looks by now. <G> We also received a Jane

button, and a Mary Engelbreit 'Ann Estelle' pin.

Miss Nancy told us there would be a Test, and she wasn't kidding! We played

as tables in the Tonner Trivia Bee, and the table who got the most correct

answers was to win a Kripplebush Kid. I'm not sure, but I think the

questions were rigged, as I'm fairly certain only Robert's mother or

workmates would ever know the answers to some of them! <G> After they had

toyed with us long enough, Robert announced that we would *ALL* win a

doll!! and so each of us were given an "Eliza Goes to Sauder Village". What

a darling she is, and tho fortune may not favor the foolish (I can NEVER

win those dang raffles!), this generosity from Robert Tonner made us all

feel like Winners. <happy smile>