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I've only been on the deboxers list a few weeks,  and I only debox half my dollys.....

I was born in Texas 45 years ago,  but I have lived in MI since I was three.  I've always loved dolls,  especially Barbies  but my folks didn't think it was fitting to have such a voluptuous doll,   so they gave me a Chatty Cathy instead,  which ICKen.gif (126117 bytes) still have.  

I've been married to my husband Kent for 10 years and we both started
collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia,  which lead us to collecting CC toys,  and then I started in Barbies while he went to American Muscle Cars.  We still collect CC toys and belong to the Collectors Club,  and I also belong to our local Fashion Doll Club.  I do have a homepage,  but it is on a little bit of everything...Coke & Barbie. 

I started collecting Barbie in '92 and I have probably over 400 dolls which
include Candi,  GI Joe,  Ken dolls,  Barbie -mostly Teresa's, some porcelain dolls,  Madam Alexanders,  & some antique china dolls.  My dear Mother-in-law gave me one German doll that is over 100 years old,  which  gave me a thrill,  but not as much as what she gave me for my birthday a few years later....A vintage Ken in Mexico outfit NRFB mint!! (something she picked up because she thought it was  cute back in the 60's but really had no use for.)   I am mostly a lurker,  I like reading what other people's opinions are on dolls.  By the time I get to answer some mail though,  the subject has moved on so,  I am just a lurker.....Does that make me like a peeping tom?   OOOOHHHH  NNNNOOOOOO!  I do have opinions on a lot of things,  but I do tend to change my mind,  my original plan was to stick to 11 1/2" dolls,   But I ordered
my first Gene the other day and laid away two outfits,  the "Crimson Sun" & "HI-FI",  the doll --  "Creme de Cassis."  And I already have my eye on another few outfits....and maybe one more Gene.....