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A Deboxers Holiday Season

By:  Bethany M. Sefchick


"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"

Well, actually I'm not. I prefer it nice and green and warm, thank you

very much.

Usually, I write or complain about or analyze an aspect of our dollie

hobby, picking it apart and dissecting it into it's smallest pieces. Not

this time. I'd like to talk about the gifts that we receive this and every

season of the year. The things we dream about and hope for.

In any case, most of us are dreaming of Barbies and other dollies under the

tree or by the menorah this year. Whether you celebrate Christmas,

Hanukah, Kwanza, the winter solstice or any or all of the above, chances

are you're hoping for a special doll at this time of year. For some of us,

a crisp new pink box Barbie or even a higher end collector Babs might just

make the perfect present. Others of us prefer vintage or Dawn, Tammy or

Tressy. Still others of us are hoping that we receive that much coveted

Gene, Tyler, Daisy or Willow, Betsy or Cissy.

But no matter what each of us is dreaming of as a perfect dollie present,

there's one gift that each and every one of us has already received as a

present this holiday season. It's the gift of friendship that we receive

every day when we download our mail and chat on line via the Deboxers

Rebellion. We receive it every day of the year. It is, perhaps, tone of

the best gifts that any of us could ever hope for.

Our love of dolls and ripping them free of their plastic prisons is what

brought most of us here in the first place. Others of us came looking for

a place that was unlike the other lists that we belonged to, ones filled

with fighting and spam and not-so-benevolent rulers. Still others of us

came here for reasons that we are no longer sure of or remember. What

makes us stay is friendship. That is a unique and rare gift in this world

of email lists and faceless communication.

It is one that should be treasured. It is one that we should be thankful for.

Some of us live in neighboring communities or even the same town and see

each other face to face, discussing dollies and our lives over cups of

coffee. Some of us have only met once or twice at a convention or a doll

show. Others of us have never met, the distances between countries and

states too much to travel. Regardless, we all still meet here on this list

to discuss our dollies and our lives, the good and the bad.

We have our own thriving community in a time when communities are disappearing.

Our members go out of their way for each other, whether it's locating a

long sought after doll or simply sending a missing vintage piece to another

collector that we may have an extra of in our own collection. Many times,

it has nothing to do with dolls at all.

We pray for each other in our own ways. We give support to each other when

one among us is sick or injured or is simply having a bad day. We cry

together over things that one of us has lost or a hurt someone has

suffered. We laugh and celebrate together over something that one of us

has gained or an experience we have enjoyed. Most importantly, we do it

together as a community, albeit one that is connected by computers and

phone lines rather than houses and streets.

We are tolerant of each other in an era where tolerance is rare.

Most of us live in the United States. Some of us don't. Some of us are

Christian while others are Jewish or pagans or non-denominational. Some of

us are white. Others of us are of African or Asian descent. Some of us

are thin, some of us aren't. Some of us are blonde while others are

brunette or titian haired. Some of us might even be bald or have

multi-colored hair.

We have different views on many issues, hobby related and otherwise. Some

of us speak up on those topics and some of us don't. But each of us has a

voice that we are free to use and is respected when we do. And if we

choose not to, that's okay too. We as a group understand and appreciate

that choice. We are all different and we are all accepted here.

We are a family in an age when that word has little meaning. We care about

each other.

What more needs to be said?

So hug your Deboxer buddy the next time you see them or hug your computer

if you have to. Thank Hunca for creating and maintaining our community.

Thank Kelly for her wonderful web work. Thank the members here who have

given something of themselves to this list and the discussions that make up

it's life threads. And thank yourself for what you have given to this

community and what you give back.

Most importantly, remember that no matter what gifts wait for you this

holiday season, the gift you receive in your heart and soul as we share our

lives and our loves on this list is one that comes every day of the year.

Be thankful for that and every other blessing you have, no matter how small

or how large.

Happy Holidays